Clan Ramsay Officers

The Clan Ramsay is a family that is present on many continents. It is organized and structured so that it can meet its own needs. There are continental associations that manage the clan that are all grouped into an “Clan Ramsay International” society. The Clan Ramsay European Society is the only association allowed to represent the clan in Europe.

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Contacts and Clan Officers

In Europe, the Clan meets under the Clan Ramsay European Society, registered in France. This association is led by a Council of 9 officers. The Convener Europe assumes the function of President.

The Honorary President of the Clan Ramsay European Society is James Hubert Ramsay, 17th Earl of Dalhousie, Lord Steward of the Household, Commander of her Majesty’s Archers Company, Vice-Lieutenant of Angus, Scotland , also one of the Keepers of the Quaich.

Lord Dalhousie, 17e Chef du Clan Ramsay

Statutory officers.

They are the legal leaders of the clan. They are appointed by the clan except the Treasurer and the Secretary who are elected. They form the European Council of the Clan.

Richard McGraw

President of Clan Ramsay International

Laurent Jaunaux

Convener for Europe

Arild Gundersen

Commissioner for Scandinavia

Christian Jamin

Commissioner for Northern Europe

Marie-Corinne Lefranc-Corbet

Commissioner for Grand East

Dominique Ferrand

Treasurer for Europe

Laurent Cruz-Mermy

Secretary for Europe

Second officers

These are the officers in charge of missions or the animation of the clan. The members of the Finance Commission are elected, the others are appointed by the European Council of the Clan.

Guillaume Fâche

ToastMaster for Northern Europe

Patrick Glowic

Keeper of the Quaich for Northern Europe

Pierre Toutin

Lead Piper Europe

Dominique Ferrand

Bailiff for Britany

Laurent Cruz-Mermy

Bailiff for Isle of France

The Clan Ramsay International is headed by its President who reports to the Clan Chief. The President of the International Association is an ex-officio member of the Council of the European Association. There are Clan Ramsay societies around the world. There is one in the USA, one in Europe and one in Australia (at least there was recently one).

The Convener for Europe:

He is leading the Clan at the European level; he is part of the Clan Leadership at the international level. Its mission is to be the European Clan Representative, coordinate the different actions in Europe, assist the Commissioners and other officers. He suggests commissioners and officers. He ratifies adoptions. He is assisted by the Tanist.


Each country or group of countries has its commissioner, namely a contact who is the local representative of the Clan Ramsay. Each clan has one or more commissioner depending on the geographical area. Thus, there is one commissioner by state in the USA.

The European Council

The society is run by a Board of Statutory Officers whose decisions are sovereign. Its members are the Convener, the Tanist, the Commissioners, the President of the Clan Ramsay International, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

Second Officers

Several officers are in charge of the clan activities. They have power to intervene in all clan events in EUrope. They are leaded by the Tanist. The Toastmasters report to the Secretary Europe, they are the secretaries of the different geographies and the relays of communication.

The Keeper of the Quaich for Europe is in charge of the ritual ceremonies of the Clan. He is assisted by local Keepers of the Quaich.

Bailiffs are the Clan local representatives.

Our clan’s european branch has got a Piper who will be the leader of the new incoming pipers.

Statutory officer’s assistants are second officers. They represent them in case of absence.

Finance Commission

It is the body in charge of the European finances of the clan. It is composed of 3 members. At its head is the Treasurer of the European branch. He is assisted by the Deputy Treasurer for day-to-day operations. A Scrutineer validates the statement of accounts and ensures their integrity.

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