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You will have to show a certain interest for Scotland, its culture, its traditions … and of course for one of the clans who valiantly defended the southern border of Scotland: the clan Ramsay.

It’s a bit of a Holy Grail for all lovers of Scotland, its history and traditions… Who has never dreamed of joining a Scots Clan, to be « adopted » and to be able to freely wear its tartans, its values​​…?

For several centuries Scots and French could simply have dual nationality; no one had the authority to challenge it. A Scotsman living in France could simply have French nationality and a Frenchman living in Scotland could have the same Scottish nationality just as easily. This advantage, this system was unfortunately abolished by the French parliament in 1903. Nevertheless, it shows the strength of the links that unite the two countries…

The Clan Ramsay is one of those old Scottish Clans whose lineage goes back to 1140. This clan was on the battlefield of Bannockburn alongside Robert Bruce in 1314. You now have the opportunity to be adopted by the Clan Ramsay living in Continental Europe. This is an opportunity to proudly wear the colors of the Clan, to participate on its behalf in various cultural events and Scottish meetings, highland games, support and receive the Clan newsletter…

Since autumn 2015 we had permission to mount a representation of the Clan first in France and then in Continental Europe and it is not mandatory to bear the name « Ramsay » or its septs (the branches of the Clan) to be part of it. However, it is necessary to show a certain interest for the Clan. If you are passionate about Scotland, its Traditions, its Culture, its landscapes … if you also want to belong to a clan known for its valor (it held part of the southern border of Scotland during several centuries), so join the Clan Ramsay European Society!

IIdeally, we should be able to meet you to get to know you better.

On our site you will find our agenda, the places where you can come to meet us.

You can also contact us via the form you will find on this page. In which case, let us know your motivations, your interests so that we get to know you better.

We will ask you for a letter of motivation (as well as a photo) in which you will explain why you wish to join us.

When it will be done, and after an acceptance from us, you will need for at least one year to come and participate in our clan life in its activities. When a past year has passed, you will meet face-to-face Clan members who will make a point with you from your observation year and report back to all Clan members in Europe. All members will have to decide on your coming.

You will then be asked to fill out two forms, one introducing you to the other presenting your genealogy. You will then have to pay a $30 entrance fee to the International Association (the Clan Chief is in Scotland, the president of the international association in the US because many Scots migrated to the US during the 18th and 19th centuries) and then after the fees to the European Association.

Adoption is family; it is about you, your home, your descendants … the fees are for the family and it is modest. So, do not hesitate to contact us.

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